C.J. Adams-Collier (cjcollier) wrote in gtk,
C.J. Adams-Collier

3d Geek Draft Email - Review! Give suggestions!

I'm planning on writing this up as an email and sending it to a ton of people who are interested in 3D development and design. Have a look. Make a comment or two. ;)

Hey All,

I found all of your addresses either from project pages you administer or off of art that I enjoyed.

I am getting people in the online 3D communities of designers, developers, content producers, managers, writers and other creative people to collaborate on a project that will help all of us out. There are many open source and community-driven 3D manipulation tools available for tasks including modeling, texture authoring and application, map and scene creation, animation. Many of you know this because you are responsible for building, managing, maintaining, or using them. An great deal of work has gone into each one of them. Thousands of man-hours. I'd guess that some of the best hours of your lives have been spent huddled in front of your computer building these tools, discussing these tools, using them and improving them. Thank you all.

I am sending this mail to help all of you communicate with each other. I want the developers to have access to designers that love their products and want to make them better. I want designers to have a personal connection with those who are building the tools that they love to use. I want the developers of the modelers to communicate with the developers of the texturing software and the authors of the map manipulation software to have easy access to the information that the animation software has.

How many times have you developers wanted to have outside input to help you decide the next step in your tool's evolution?

How many times have the designers and users of these tools wanted feature X but just knew that nobody was going to get around to it?

How many times have the developers grumbled to themselves about how product X doesn't use the correct interface and that they haven't had time to fix it themselves?

I've been in all of these situations and I know that I don't have the time to fill all of these rolls. But there are those who love their niche and would do exactly what you wanted them to if they knew you wanted it.

So what do you say? Would you like to see if we can't change the world a bit today?
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